Israeli Authorities Order Demolitions, Evictions in the West Bank

The Israeli “Civil Administration” handed, on Tuesday, an eviction notice to a Palestinian resident, west of Salfit in the northern occupied West Bank, Quds Press reported.

Palestinian resident, Saleh Al-Shannar, the owner of five dunams of land in the Khalat al-Qamh area located north of Kafr al-Dik, was handed an eviction notice by the Civil Administration giving him only 72 hours to object to the decision.

The occupation authorities cited the common pretext that the land is located in “Area C” consisting of approximately 61% of the occupied West Bank, which is under full Israeli administrative and civil control.

The Israeli army demolished, Tuesday, a Palestinian-owned agricultural room in Nabi Elias village, east if Qalqilia in the northern occupied West Bank, according to local sources.

Anti-settlement activist Mohammad Abu al-Sheikh, told the Palestinian News & Information Agency (WAFA) that soldiers stormed the village, while a bulldozer destroyed the room, owned by Rizq Abu Sa’ad.

A Palestinian family demolished, on Tuesday, its own home, in the neighborhood Beit Hanina neighborhood of occupied East Jerusalem, WAFA reported.

Correspondent for WAFA stated that the Israeli municipality issued a demolition order several weeks ago for the 50-square-meter house, under the pretext of lacking a license to build.

Jalal al-Rajabi demolished the home on his own, in order to avoid paying the excessive fines he would incur if the municipal crews carried out the demolition.

Al-Rajabi stated that the home cost 70,000 shekels to build, adding that he and six other family members now have no home to live in.

Another Palestinian family in occupied East Jerusalem continued to demolish, Monday, his commercial store in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, WAFA reported.

WAFA correspondent stated that the Israeli Municipality of West Jerusalem ordered the demolition of the store, belonging to Jamal Abu Nejmeh under the pretext of lacking a building permit.

In order to avoid paying a fine for having the municipal crews demolish the store, he decided to tear down the store on his own.

Sources: 1. Quds Press, 2. WAFA , 3. WAFA, 4. WAFA

Photo: Silwanic

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