Israeli Army Detains Sixteen Palestinians from Occupied Jerusalem

Israeli forces detained, overnight Saturday and Sunday morning, sixteen Palestinian civilians in different parts of occupied Jerusalem, according to local sources.

Sources told the Palestinian News & Information Agency (WAFA) that Israeli troops stormed and searched the homes of three young men from Hizma town, northeast of occupied Jerusalem, identified as; Muhammad Al-Khatib, Nadim Al-Khatib, and Odeh Al-Khatib.

Local sources told (WAFA) that the army stormed al-‘Isawiya neighborhood in occupied East Jerusalem, invaded and searched civilian homes before detaining seven young men, identified as; Muhammad Ghanem Mustafa, Muhammad Musa Mustafa, Amir Magdy Mustafa, Daoud Abu Ryala, Abd Bilal Mahmoud, in addition to Haitham Obaid and his brother Hussein Obaid.

Meanwhile, soldiers stormed al-Tour town in occupied Jerusalem and invaded homes before detaining an additional six Palestinian young men, identified as; Ashraf al-Hadrah, Majdi al-Hadrah, Hathim Abu al-Hawa, Muhammad Bakr Abu al-Hawa, Muhammad Wael Abu al-Hawa, and Anas Qarawi.

Photo: Anadolu Agency

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I am a journalist, editor, and activist for the human rights for Palestinians across the world. Long Live Palestine!

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