Israeli Special Forces Shoot and Kill Three Palestinians in Nablus

Cover photo: Top left – Mohamed Al-Dakhael; Bottom left – Adham Mabrouk; Right – Ashraf Mubaslat [Photo: Palestine Pixel]

Israeli forces shot and killed, on Tuesday afternoon, three Palestinian young men and detained another in the northern occupied West Bank city of Nablus, according to local sources.

Eyewitnesses stated that an Israeli special forces unit opened heavy live fire at a civilian vehicle in the Al-Makhfia neighborhood in Nablus, killing three young men and detaining a fourth.

The Ministry of Health confirmed the identities of the three young men as Ashraf Mubaslat, Adham Mabrouk, and Mohammad Al-Dakhael.

The Israeli military claimed the slain young men were part of a resistance cell allegedly responsible for recent shooting operations directed towards army posts in Nablus.

QNN reported that the Israeli Special Forces Unit of Yamam, involving more than 15 soldiers, driving civilian vehicles, shot at least 80 rounds at the Palestinian youths, before leaving the scene.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health described the operation as an “assassination,” and the Foreign Ministry called it a “field execution”.

Nablus Feb. 8, 2022
3 young Palestinian men shot dead

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