Israeli Forces Abduct 21 Palestinians from the West Bank

Israeli forces abducted, on Tuesday, at least 21 Palestinians from various areas in the occupied West Bank, the Palestinian News & Information Agency (WAFA) reported.

In the Qalandia refugee camp, north of occupied Jerusalem, soldiers shot and killed one Palestinian, abducted 2 young men, in addition to shooting and injuring six more.

In the northern West Bank, east of Nablus city, soldiers shot and killed a Palestinian child, injured three young men and abducted one young man, identified as Ammar Arafat, after storming and ransacking his home.

In the northern occupied West Bank, in the Jenin governorate, Israeli forces abducted eight young Palestinian men including former prisoners after invading and searching many homes, in addition to causing dozens of young men to suffer the effects of teargas inhalation.

In the central West Bank, the army abducted five Palestinian civilians from the city of Salfit, and three from Ramallah city after invading their family homes.

Finally, in the southern occupied West Bank, soldier detained one Palestinian civilian from Bethlehem area and another one from the Hebron Governorate.

Ma’an News Agency identified several of the young men;

1. Majdi Al-Amarna – south of Jenin
2. Noor Muhammad Atatreh – Ya’bad, Jenin
3. Ayoub Nfiat – Ya’bad, Jenin
4. Mohamed Mitani – Ya’bad, Jenin
5. Khaled Sobhi Atatreh – Ya’bad, Jenin
6. Nasser Khaled Atatreh – Ya’bad, Jenin
7. Youssef Masharqa – Ya’bad, Jenin
8. Majd Bajawi – Ya’bad, Jenin
9. Sohaib Blasmeh – Salfit
10. Moamen Faleh Omran – Salfit
11. Mosab Shtayyeh – Salfit
12. Faleh Omran – Salfit
13. Mahmoud Amin Awwad – Salfit

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I am a journalist, editor, and activist for the human rights for Palestinians across the world. Long Live Palestine!

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