Israeli Forces Detain 30 Palestinians in the West Bank

Israeli forces detained, overnight Thursday, thirty Palestinian civilians, including former prisoners, across the occupied West Bank, the Palestinian News & Information Agency (WAFA) reported.

In the northern West Bank, soldiers detained seven Palestinian civilians, identified as; Islam Muhammad Bajawi from Ya‘bad town, west of Jenin, along with Musab Jaaisa, Barakat Shreim, Kamal Lahluh, Ali Anwar Marzouk, Bashar Muhammad Qasrawi, and Laith Qasrawi from Jenin city.

Soldiers invaded Ya‘bad town, west of Jenin, and detained Islam Bajawi after invading and ransacking his family home.

Also in the northern West Bank, soldiers invaded the Qalqilia district, sources confirmed that soldiers detained two more young men, identified as Mufid Abdullah Suleiman, Al-Nabi Elias village, and Ihab Jamal Odeh from Azzun town, both located east of Qalqilia city.

In the Nablus governorate, in the northern part of the West Bank, soldiers detained four Palestinian civilians identified as Murad Saleh Issa, Hamdi Saleh Issa, Nour Sidqi Ahmed Issa, Rashid Yousef Rashidat, from Salem village, east of Nablus city.

Meanwhile, Israeli troops stormed an ransacked the home of a former prisoner identified as Sanad Sawalma from the al-Far‘a refugee camp, northeast of Nablus, before detaining him.

Soldiers invaded the home of another former prisoner, identified as Muawiya Sufyan Abu Laila, 27, from the Az-Zawiya town, west of Salfit, in the northern West Bank, before detaining him.

Israeli soldiers invaded and searched the homes of two young men identified as Ahmed Akram Al-Sara’awi and Bilal Yousef Manasra, before detaining them from the Qalandia refugee camp, north of occupied Jerusalem.

Soldiers stormed and searched the homes of a former prisoner and his brother, from al-Ram town, north of Jerusalem, before detaining the two men.

Occupation police detained one unidentified Palestinian female from one of the gates leading to the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound in the Old City of occupied East Jerusalem.

Furthermore, soldiers detained six Palestinian civilians, including children, from the Bethlehem governorate in the southern West Bank, and detained six Palestinian civilians, including children.

Those detained were identified as; Muhammad Ismail Daajneh, 19, from Aida refugee camp, Obada Quneis, 21, from in Beit Jala, both northwest of Bethlehem city, and Ezz Adib Shusha, 16, from Husan village, west of the city.

From al-‘Obeydiyya town, soldiers detained Younis Muhammad Hasasna, 32, Milad Muhammad Jamil Hasasna, 27, and Muhammad Ibrahim Abayat, 42, from Wadi Abu Fariha, east of Bethlehem.

Lastly, in the southern occupied West Bank Hebron district, the army detained four Palestinian men identified as; Imran Shawar Al-Tamimi, Mujahid Haitham Al-Qawasmeh, and Suleiman Nawaf Al-Zagarna from Al-Ramadin town, southwest of Hebron, in addition to Musa Jihad Faqusa from Dura, town, southwest of Hebron.

RAMALLAH, Thursday, March 31, 2022 (WAFA)

soldiers rounded up another and searched his family house in Hebron city.

two others from al-Ramadin village, southwest of the city, and ransacked the houses of their families,

similar raid in Dura, southwest of the city, resulting in the detention of another.

The occupation arrests 25 citizens of the West Bank

Ramallah 03/31/2022 WAFA


From Hebron, the occupation forces arrested four citizens: Imran Shawar Al-Tamimi, Mujahid Haitham Al-Qawasmeh, Suleiman Nawaf Al-Zagarna from the town of Al-Ramadin, and Musa Jihad Faqusa from Dura, southwest of Hebron.

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