Palestinian Shot Dead by the Israeli Army in Hebron

Ahmad Younes Al-Atrash, 29, shot and killed by Israeli soldiers at Shalala Street in the center of Hebron city. Quds Press

Israeli soldiers shot and killed, on Friday, a Palestinian young man during protests in the center of the southern West Bank city of Hebron, Quds Press reported.

Ahmad Younes Al-Atrash, 29, from Hebron, was shot by the arm while he was participating in the weekly non-violent anti-colonization protest on Al-Shallala Street in the city.

Israeli soldiers shot Al-Atrash in the head, critically injuring him, he was rushed to hospital and pronounced dead at the time of arrival.

Reports state that Al-Atrash was a former political prisoner released one year ago after spending 8 years in occupation prisons.

Several other Palestinian protestors suffered the effects of teargas inhalation during the peaceful demonstration in rejection of the further colonization of Palestine.

The funeral procession of Ahmad Younes Al-Atrash – Quds Press

The body of the slain man was laid to rest in the ‘cemetery of the martyrs’, on Friday, after a funeral prayer at the Abu Eisha Mosque in Hebron.

Videos from Palestine TV

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