Israeli Forces Detain Dozens of Palestinians, Shoot and Injure Two, One Seriously

Israeli forces detained, on Tuesday night and Wednesday, dozens of Palestinian civilians, in addition to causing various injuries to several others throughout the occupied West Bank, local sources reported.

On Wednesday night, many occupation soldiers invade Al-‘Isawiya neighborhood in occupied East Jerusalem, which triggered Palestinian youths to protest the incursion.

The army fired rubber-coated steel rounds and tear gas canisters at the youths and at civilian homes, causing dozens to suffer the toxic effects of tear gas inhalation.

Meanwhile, Israeli forces assaulted a Palestinian worker before detaining him near the Barta’a military roadblock, west of Jenin in the northern West Bank.

A Palestinian young man was shot, on Wednesday evening, by Israeli police near Bab al-Qattanin (Cotton Merchants’ Gate), one of the gates leading to the Al-Aqsa mosque in the Old City of occupied Jerusalem.

The Wadi Hilweh Information Center identified the injured man as Rami Sarour, 24, and said that the young man was transferred to Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital in serious condition.

In Beit Hanina neighborhood of occupied Jerusalem, Palestinians gathered, on Wednesday evening, to protest the occupation’s killing of veteran journalist Sherine Abu Aqleh on Wednesday.

Israeli occupation forces fired tear gas canisters, assaulted several participants who protested the invasion, and detained several Palestinians after beating them, causing various injuries.

According to the Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS), its medics treated five injuries as a result of Israeli forces’ suppression of the sit-in.

The Prisoners’ Affairs Office stated that “the occupation police arrested six young men today during clashes that erupted in Beit Hanina, after suppressing a march condemning the assassination of journalist Shirene Abu Aqleh.”

The PRCS added that one of the wounded Palestinians was transported to hospital for treatment, and that one of their paramedics was among the injured.

Occupation police reportedly assaulted the demonstrators with batons, and obstructed the PRCS crews from providing care to the wounded.

Furthermore, on Wednesday, occupation soldiers detained a Palestinian man identified as Hamza Mahmoud Ali Jalameh, and confiscated his bulldozer, according to the local director of the Palestinian Prisoners’ Society (PPS), Montaser Sammour.

Sammour added that the man was working on his land near the Annexation wall in Faqu’a village, northeast of Jenin, in the northern West Bank.

Sources stated that the army stormed, on Wednesday, the village of Faqu’a, chased Palestinian workers and detained 40 of them while they were near the Apartheid wall, including one who was shot in the leg.

In the southern occupied West Bank, Israeli forces detained, Wednesday, three Palestinian civilians from the Hebron governorate.

The detainees were identified as Mazen Omran, Zouz, Mahmoud Dweik, and Jawad Thabet Abu Eisha, 45.

Soldiers invaded Biddu town, northwest of occupied Jerusalem, on Wednesday evening, triggering protests from local Palestinian youths.

The army fired tear gas canisters, concussion grenades, and rubber-coated steel rounds, injuring one young man with a steel round and taken to hospital for medical intervention.

Montaser Sammour, with the Jenin PPS, stated that four Palestinian civilians were detained by occupation forces in the Jenin governorate.

He added that soldiers invaded and searched, on Wednesday, the homes of Ibrahim Ayman Ali Dbaya, in the Jenin refugee camp, and Abd al-Salam Mofeed Issa, from Sanur town south of Jenin, before detaining them.

Soldiers also stormed and searched, on Wednesday, the home of a Palestinian minor in Sanur town, identified as Yamen Fayez Abu Ali, 16, before detaining him.

On Tuesday night, soldiers detained a former prisoner, identified as Fadi Rushdi Hamdan, when he attempted to cross a military roadblock near Ramallah in the central West Bank.

Israeli forces detained an unidentified Palestinian from Beita town, south of Nablus in the northern West Bank.

Also on Wednesday, the army stormed the Nour Shams refugee camp, east of Tulkarem in the northern part of the West Bank, invading and searching the homes of Iyad Abdullah Mo’in, 47, Mahmoud Briki, 63, and his son Mohammed, 22, before detaining them.

Lastly, Israeli soldiers stormed Silwad town, northeast of Ramallah in the central West Bank and detained four Palestinian civilians including a child.

The detainees were identified as Sami Abdullah Hamid, 24, Muhammad Qaher Hammad, Muhammad Khaled Hammad, 26, and Hassan Shehadeh Hammad, 15.

At dawn Wednesday, occupation forces fired rubber-coated steel rounds and tear gas canisters at Palestinian youths that protested the military incursion in Silwan town in occupied Jerusalem, causing two children to suffer the effects of tear gas inhalation.


Photo: Quds Press

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