Two Palestinians Succumb to Their Critical Wounds Inflicted by the Israeli Forces

Two Palestinian young men were pronounced deceased, on Saturday and Sunday after Israeli occupation forces shot and seriously wounded them, according to local sources.

Daoud Al-Zubeidi [WAFA]

Daoud Al-Zubeidi, 40, was pronounced dead, on Sunday, after being shot in the abdomen and critically injured on Friday, during a the army’s brutal military incursion into the Jenin refugee camp, in the northern occupied West Bank.

Al-Zubeidi, was a former prisoner and the brother of Zacharia Al-Zubeida, one of the six Palestinians who managed to escape Israel’s Gilboa prison in September of 2021.

Daoud Al-Zubeidi [Quds Press]

Al-Zubeidi was shot by an Israeli soldier during the occupation forces’ invasion and bombing of the Jenin refugee camp. He suffered life-threatening injuries, and was rushed to the Ibn Sina Hospital in Jenin city, and admitted to the Intensive Care Unit.

On Saturday, the family was notified by the occupation army, that Daoud was under arrest, and that after having been transferred to the Rambam Hospital in Haifa, Israel, due to a deterioration in his health.

Al-Zubeidi, 40, from the Jenin refugee camp, was a married father of three children, was detained a number of times by the occupation army, having spent a combined total of 12 years in Israeli prisons.

The Palestinian young man, Walid al-Sharif, 23, succumbed to his wounds, on Saturday, after spending three weeks in critical condtion.

Israeli police shot al-Sharif in the head with a rubber-coated steel round, on April 22, during its vicious attack on the Al-Aqsa Mosque in occupied Jerusalem.

Occupation forces carrying an unconscious al-Sharif, WAFA

Al-Sarif was seriously injured and unconscious when Israeli police detained him and carried him out of the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound, despite the need for emergency medical treatment.

According to the brother of the slain young man, Abdul Rahman Al-Sharif, “it was announced on Saturday that my brother Walid al-Sharif, 23, succumbed to critical wounds sustained by Israeli bullets.”

Al-Sharif, from the town of Beit Hanina, north of occupied Jerusalem was shot by Israeli police, assaulted and then detained, despite being unconscious.

The rubber-coated steel round had caused a severe skull fracture and bleeding in the brain, causing him to be in a coma over the past three weeks.

Denying medical care to those injured is a common practice of the occupation, with no regard to the human rights of the Palestinian people, not to mention the shooting and assault of unarmed civilians.

Sherine Abu Aqleh [PIC]

Furthermore, on Wednesday May 11, 2022, Israeli forces shot and killed a veteran Palestinian journalist, and injured another journalist during a military invasion into the Al-Jabriyat neighborhood of Jenin.

Despite wearing a clearly marked PRESS vest and helmet, Sherine Abu Aqleh was shot in the head with a live round which killed her instantly.

Sources: Quds Press, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA, Quds Press, Quds Press, Silwanic

Photo: Ma’an

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