Israeli Forces Detain 24 Palestinians from the Occupied West Bank, Shoot and Injure One

Israeli occupation forces detained, on Sunday at night and Monday, twenty four Palestinian civilians from various parts of the West Bank, and injured one, according to local sources.

On Monday at dawn, Israeli troops detained two Palestinian civilians from their homes in the village of Kufur Qaddoum, east of Qalqilia in the northern part of the occupied West Bank.

Soldiers stormed and ransacked the homes of Samir Barham and Nihad Juma’a, before detaining them, taking them to an undisclosed location.

In the northern West Bank city of Jenin, occupation soldiers invaded, on Sunday evening, a number of civilian homes, shot and injured one young man, detained four, and summoned another for interrogation.

During the military incursion, local Palestinian youths challenged the army, which soldiers responded to by firing live rounds, concussion grenades, and tear gas canisters.

The army shot and injured an unidentified young man, 21, in the thigh with live ammunition. The condition of the young man was unknown at the time of this report.

The home of former prisoner Ibrahim Al-Sheikh was invaded and ransacked by Israeli troops who opened fire inside the home, aimed weapons at vehicles and detained his four sons, identified as Uday Al-Sheikh, Qusai Al-Sheikh, Ahmed Al-Sheikh, and Muhammad Al-Sheikh.

Meanwhile, occupation forces stormed Deir Ghazala village, northeast of Jenin and delivered a summons for interrogation to Palestinian civilian, Ibrahim Abu Alia.

Also on Sunday evening, soldiers detained a former prisoner, identified as Yazan Muayyad Al-Saadi, 27, a citizen of the Jenin refugee camp, while he was attempting to pass through a flying military roadblock on the Nablus-Jenin road.

On Monday at dawn, occupation forces invaded the Al-Jalazoun refugee camp, north of Ramallah in the central West Bank and detained four young men, identified as Issa Safi, Mustafa Zaid Kharoub, Ibrahim Qatash, and Youssef Saleh Abu Sharifa.

Meanwhile, soldiers stormed and searched the homes of Talaat Hamed, Muhammad Sobh, and Muhammad Hammad in Silwad town, northeast of Ramallah, before detaining them.

Musa Nasser al-Atrash/Wadi Hilweh Information Center/Facebook

In the occupied city of East Jerusalem, Israeli soldiers invaded and searched, on Monday, the home of Musa Nasser al-Atrash, in the Karam al-Sheikh neighborhood of Silwan town, before detaining him.

On Monday at dawn, Israeli soldiers stormed the Dheisheh refugee camp, south of Bethlehem in the southern occupied West Bank, and detained six Palestinian civilians, including a woman.

Sources stated that soldiers invaded and searched a number of homes and detained Kareem Mustafa al-Atrash, 58, his wife Aida Muhammad al-Atrash, 55, and their son Muhammad al-Atrash, 29. Additionally soldiers detained, from the camp, Imran Issa Maali, 43, Ahmed Maali, 34, and Jihad Issa Maali after breaking into and searching their homes.

Israeli forces stormed Husan village, west of Bethlehem, which triggered Palestinian youths to protest the invasion. Soldiers responded by firing concussion grenades and tear gas canisters at the youths and residences, causing dozens of civilians to suffer the toxic effects of tear gas inhalation.

Furthermore, occupation forces invaded, on Monday, the homes of Malek Hashem Al-Atrash, 39, Yahya Mahmoud Nour El-Din Abu Turki, 38, and his brother Ahmed, 60, in the southern West Bank city of Hebron, before detaining them.

Israeli forces detain Musa Nasser al-Atrash – Wadi Hilweh Information Center/Facebook
Israeli forces detain Uday, Qusai, Ahmed, and Muhammad Al-Sheikh – WAFA/Facebook


Photo: WAFA

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