Israeli Occupation Forces Bombard a Palestinian Home, Injure 45, Detain 2, Near Nablus

Israeli forces besieged and bombarded a civilian home, on Tuesday, in the village of Rujeib, southeast of Nablus, in the northern part of the occupied West Bank, injured a total of 45 people and detained 2, local sources reported.

A large military force invaded the western neighborhood of Rujeib, and surrounded the home of Nabil Iyad Al-Sawalhi, and besieged those inside the home for a number of hours.

Israeli forces besiege a home in Rujeib – [J Media/Facebook]

During the standoff, the army fired several anti-tank “Energa” missiles into the home, and opened fire with live rounds, rubber-coated steel rounds, and tear gas canisters, causing damage to the home and a number of injuries.


Armed resistance fighters exchanged fire with the army, during the military offensive, however there were no reports of any injuries within the occupation army.

According to Ahmed Jibril, the director of the Nablus emergency and ambulance services with the Palestinian Red Crescent Society, 4 young men were shot and injured with live rounds, three with shrapnel, one sustained injuries as a result of a fall, and another was shot in the chest with a high velocity tear gas canister.

Jibril added that at least 20 people were treated for inhalation injuries as a result of tear gas exposure, and that the army denied medical crews access to the injured for some time.

An ambulance belonging to the Medical Relief Society was targeted by the army and shot with live rounds, causing damage but no injuries.

A Medical Relief Society source stated that a young man who was shot in the thigh was transported to Rafidia Hospital where he was deemed in serious condition.

During the attack, two Palestinian young men, identified as Nabil Iyad Al-Sawalhi and Nihad Owais, surrendered themselves to the army who took them into custody, taking them to an unknown location.

During the withdrawal of the occupation forces, Palestinian youths burned tires and threw rocks at the military convoy, which soldiers responded to by firing at them, injuring a number of them.

The details of the injuries were unknown at the time of this report.

Bombing in Rujeib – [J Media/Facebook]

Rujeib – [WAFA/YouTube]

Sources: WAFA, WAFA, Quds Press, WAFA, WAFA

Photo: WAFA

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