Israeli Forces Kill 4, Injure 44, Bomb Home in Jenin Refugee Camp

Israeli occupation forces shot and killed, on Wednesday morning, four Palestinian young men and injured at least 44 others, in the Jenin refugee camp, west of Jenin, in the northern occupied West Bank, the Ministry of Health has confirmed.

Israeli forces, in several armored vehicles, accompanied by the Yamam Unit of Israeli special forces, invaded the Jenin refugee camp, and besieged the family home of Ra’ed Fathi Khazem, who was killed by the army after allegedly carrying out a shooting attack in Tel Aviv, Israel, on April 8, 2022.

Soldiers opened live fire at the home and fired a number of missiles at it, leading to an exchange of fire with members of the armed Palestinian resistance, in which soldiers killed three members of resistance factions.

The slain young men were identified as ‘Abdel Rahman Fathi Khazem, 34, brother of the aforementioned Ra’ed, and Mohammed Mahmoud Alonah, 30, who were both shot in the upper parts of the body.

A third young man, identified as Ahmed Nazmi ‘Alawnah, 25, a Palestinian Intelligence officer, was extrajudicially executed after being shot in the head by an Israeli sniper during the onslaught.

[Israeli sniper executes Ahmed Nazmi ‘Alawnah, 25 – Palestine TV/Facebook]

After a four hour long military assault, which sparked fierce protests among Palestinians who hurled rocks at the military vehicles, dozens of civilians, including at least 4 children, were injured. Several of the wounded were deemed in critical condition.

A fourth Palestinian young man, identified as Mohammed Abu Na’sah, 25, was shot and killed during the army’s withdrawal, when soldiers shot him with live ammunition in the head.


After a four hour long operation, which saw widespread protests among Palestinians who hurled rocks at the military vehicles, the army and special units withdrew from the camp.

Thousands of Palestinian mourners marched the streets carrying the bodies of the martyrs on their shoulders, chanting angry slogans against the occupation and its crimes.

The bodies of the slain young men, wrapped in the Palestinian flag, were carried on the shoulders of the mourners to their respective hometowns where family members paid their final respects.

Mourners said the funeral prayers and laid the bodies of the slain men to rest.

Across the West Bank, Palestinians observed a general strike and many clashes erupted in which a number of young men were injured.

[WAFA/You Tube]

[Palestine TV/Facebook]

[Palestine TV/Facebook]


Photo: Palestine TV

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