Occupation Forces Kill Two Palestinian Teens in Qalqilia and Ramallah

Israeli occupation forces shot, on Friday, two Palestinian teens, who later succumbed to their critical wounds, in two separate incidents in Qalqilia and Ramallah, in the West Bank, local sources reported.

In Qalqilia, in the northern part of the occupied West Bank, Israeli soldiers shot a 14 year old Palestinian child in the head with live ammunition while he was near the Apartheid wall, south of the city.

It was reported that the soldiers shot the boy during a rally denouncing Israel’s continued expropriation of Palestinian-owned lands in the Al-Birin area near the Annexation wall.

According to eyewitnesses, many soldiers were present and firing live rounds at the peaceful demonstrators, and that a sniper shot and killed the boy.

The boy was rushed to the Darwish Nazzal Governmental Hospital in critical condition, and subsequently transferred to the Rafidia Hospital in the northern West Bank city of Nablus.

Later, the Palestinian Ministry of Health released a statement confirming the death of the boy, whom they identified as Adel Ibrahim Adel Daoud, 14.

[Adel Ibrahim Adel Daoud, 14 – WAFA]

On Saturday, thousands of mourners took part in the funeral procession for the slain child, beginning at the Darwish Nazzal Governmental Hospital, to the family home, carrying the body on their shoulders.

Participants carried the body to the local mosque to perform the funeral prayer, before burying him in the martyrs’ cemetery in Qalqilia.

Meanwhile, on Friday evening, in the village of Al-Mazra’a al-Gharbiyya, northwest of Ramallah in the central West Bank, illegal Israeli colonists attempted to storm the home of Mohammed Saleh Shreiteh.

Local Palestinians confronted the settlers, who were under the full protection of Israeli forces, triggering soldiers to open fire and attack the Palestinian civilians.

Soldiers fired live rounds, rubber-coated steel rounds and tear gas canisters, killing one young man and causing dozens of other civilian injuries.

The Palestinian Red Crescent Society stated that they treated 50 injuries, which included 8 who were physically assaulted by soldiers, 9 who were shot with rubber-coated steel rounds, and 33 who suffered the toxic effects of tear gas.

It was also reported that Israeli troops assaulted ambulance crews.

The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights reported that local youths threw rocks, bottles and Molotov cocktails at the occupation soldiers, which soldiers responded to by opening live fire, shooting and seriously injuring two civilians.

The seriously injured were transferred to Istishari Arab Hospital in Ramallah, one of whom was shot in the abdomen, the other in the pelvis.

According to eyewitness accounts, the soldiers shot Mahdi Ladadweh, 19, in the abdomen with live ammunition from less than 20 meters away. Soldiers obstructed ambulance crews from providing first aid to the young man, and assaulted a number of civilians.

[Mahdi Ladadweh, 19 – Quds Press]

Locals rushed the critically injured young man to the hospital where he subsequently succumbed to his injuries.

[Soldiers deny medical crews from assisting the injured teen Mahdi Muhammad Ladadweh Eye on Palestine/Facebook]

Family and friends say farewell to Mahdi Ladadweh, 17 [Muhammad Abu Zaid/WAFA]

[Farewell to Mahdi Ladadweh, 17 – Yousef Shehadeh via Eye on Palestine/Facebook]

Hundreds of Palestinians participated, on Saturday, in the funeral procession for the slain young man, gathering at the Istishari Hospital in Ramallah, heading to the family home of the youth.

Participants chanted praise for the martyr and called for a response to the occupation’s brutal killing of the unarmed youth.

Mourners carried the martyr on their shoulders through the village to the local mosque where they performed the funeral prayer and on to the village cemetery where they laid him to rest.

Sources: WAFA, Quds Press, WAFA, WAFA, Quds Press, WAFA, Quds Press, WAFA, IMEMC, PCHR

Photo: WAFA

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