Palestinian Resistance Fighter Killed in Nablus

In another crime committed by the Israeli occupation, a young Palestinian man was killed early Sunday morning, in an apparent assassination, in the northern West Bank city of Nablus, local sources reported.

At 1:30 am Sunday morning, Palestinian man, identified as Tamer Al-Kilani, 33, a former prisoner and founding member of the ‘Lion’s Den’ resistance group, was walking in the Old City of Nablus, when a motorcycle detonated near him, killing him.

Sources stated that the motorcycle, which was parked in an ally, had been fitted with explosives by a possible collaborator working with the Israeli army.

Hebrew sources alleged that Al-Kilani, a married father of two young children from the Jabal Fatayer neighborhood in Nablus, “was responsible for a series of attacks in recent months.”

Another Hebrew source reported that and Al-Kilani was allegedly planning an attack at a gas station in the illegal Kedumim colony, located west of Nablus.

Sources announced the heightened state of alert of the occupation, in anticipation of the response from armed resistance groups in the West Bank.

Muhammad Al-Qiq, a political analyst stated, “the occupation has exhausted all plans in order to confront the resistance in the West Bank, so it resorted to the policy of assassination.”

He added that, “What is happening now by the occupation is a strong reaction after the resistance operations in the West Bank, specifically those that came out of Nablus.”

A video released by the resistance group shows the unidentified facilitator of the assassination, parking the vehicle, and the moment when Al-Kilani walks past the parked motorcycle and the moment of the explosion.

Quds News Network correspondent, Bakr Abdul-Haq, stated that an explosive device was attached to the motorcycle by an apparent collaborator, who was undercover as a delivery person, who then left the scene.

Abdul-Haq pointed out that the detonation severed limbs of the slain fighter and caused severe organ damage, causing his instant death.

The resistance group issued a statement urging citizens to attend the funeral on Sunday, and vowed to “reveal the details of the assassination of the martyr Tamer and we promise the occupation and Aviv Kohavi (chief of staff of the Israeli army) on his last night with a harsh and painful response.”

On Sunday, thousands of Palestinians gathered Rafidia Governmental Hospital, towards the family home of Al-Kilani where relatives bid their last farewells.

Mourners gathered at Martyrs Square in the center of Nablus city, where the participants performed the funeral prayer.

The funeral procession continued to march through the streets of Nablus city chanting slogans of condemnation and calling for revenge against the occupation, before laying the body to rest in the western cemetery.

According to figures from the Palestinian Ministry of Health, with the murder of Al-Kilani, the Israeli occupation has killed 177 Palestinians so far in 2022, including 51 in the besieged Gaza Strip.

[Shehab News/Twitter]

[Shehab News/Twitter]

[Shehab News/Twitter]

[Palestine TV/Facebook]

[Palestine TV/Facebook]

[Citizens gather at the site of the martyrdom of Tamer Kilani in the old city of Nablus – WAFA/YouTube]

[The funeral of the martyr Tamer Al-Kilani in Nablus – WAFA/YouTube]

[Farewell to the martyr Tamer Al-Kilani in Nablus – WAFA/YouTube]

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Photo: QNN

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