Nablus: 5 Palestinians Dead, 20 Injured in a Brutal Israeli Military Onslaught

In another brutal assault on the northern West Bank city of Nablus, Israeli soldiers killed 4 and injured 21 Palestinians, including 4 critically, during a military incursion into the Old City, early Tuesday morning, local sources reported.

The Ministry of Health announced, on Tuesday morning, that one of the critically injured young man, identified as, Mishaal Zahi Ahmed Baghdadi, 27, had succumbed to his wounds after being shot by the occupation army early Tuesday morning.

A large Israeli military force invaded the Old City of Nablus, early Tuesday morning, which sparked fierce confrontations with local Palestinian youths, including exchange of fire with resistance fighters.

The army stationed sharpshooters on the rooftops of civilian homes and opened fire at Palestinian civilians in addition to Palestinian security forces.

Soldiers besieged, opened fire and fired Energa missiles at an old home in the Al-Yasmina neighborhood of the city, where a number of Palestinian young men were, causing severe property damage.

Meanwhile, the army was supported by unmanned aerial vehicles, one of which fired a missile at a vehicle, killing and burning a young man to death.


Gunfire and explosions were heard across the city, while smoke and flames were seen rising in a number of areas.

According to the Ministry of Health, the Palestinians killed during the military assault have been identified as; a leader in the ‘Lion’s Den’ resistance group, Wadih Al-Houh Abu Sobeih, 31, Hamdi Sharaf, 35, Ali Antar, 26, and Hamdi Qayyim, 30.

It was added that soldiers denied medical treatment to the injured by refusing to allow ambulance crews in to transport the wounded to hospital, forcing civilian vehicles to take them to hospital.

Hundreds of Palestinians gathered in several cities across the occupied West Bank in support of Nablus and its people, and a general strike was declared.

At the entrance to the village of Nabi Saleh, northwest of Ramallah, in the central West Bank, Israeli soldiers opened live fire at Palestinian civilians who protested the aggression on Nablus.

Qusai Al-Tamimi – WAFA

Soldiers shot Qusai Mahmoud Al-Tamimi, 20, in the chest with live ammunition, while he was demonstrating against the attack on Nablus.

The seriously injured young man was rushed to the Yasser Arafat Hospital in Salfit, where he was pronounced dead shortly after arrival, the Ministry of Health confirmed.

Tens of thousands of mourners gathered, on Tuesday, at the Nablus city center to pay their respects to the martyrs of Nablus, condemning the cruel military assault on the people of Nablus.

Participants marched the streets carrying the dead on their shoulders, and chanting against the illegal occupation and its army aggression.

Across the West Bank, a number of protests took place, which soldiers responded to by firing rubber-coated steel rounds and tear gas canisters, causing some minor injuries among demonstrators.

[Nablus – WAFA/YouTube]

[Funeral – WAFA/YouTube]

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Photo: Shehab News

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