Two Palestinian Young Men Die from Critical Wounds Inflicted on Them by Israeli Forces, in Nablus

Two Palestinian young men, on Wednesday, died as a result of their critical wounds, sustained after Israeli forces shot them, in the northern West Bank city of Nablus, the Ministry of Health confirmed.

On November 22, 2022, Israeli forces stormed the eastern part of Nablus city, and killed a Palestinian child, identified as Ahmed Amjad Shehadeh, 16, and seriously injured another young man, in addition to injuring dozens more Palestinian civilians.

[Mohammed Hisham Abu Kishk, 22 – Quds Press]

The seriously injured young man, identified as Mohammed Hisham Abu Kishk, 22, from the Askar refugee camp, east of Nablus, sustained critical wounds when Israeli occupation forces shot him in the abdomen with live ammunition.

The Ministry of Health confirmed that Abu Kishk succumbed, on Wednesday, at Rafidia Hospital in Nablus, due to his critical wounds, after medical intervention was unsuccessful.

Sources stated that the ammunition used was an exploding bullet, which caused extreme damage to his organs and uncontrollable bleeding.

It should be noted that exploding and expanding ammunition is illegal under international humanitarian law.

It was reported that the young man was part of a group of armed resistance fighters who exchanged fire with the invading military force.

A second Palestinian young man succumbed, on Wednesday, as a result of critical injuries he sustained on July 24, 2022, when Israeli forces attacked Palestinians in Nablus city.

A large military force invaded Nablus city, on July 24, 2022, and exchanged live fire with members of the Palestinian resistance, besieged a civilian home, and fired missiles into it, killing two young men and injuring 10.

During the military assault, occupation soldiers shot and killed Muhammad Bashar Azizi, 25, and Abdul Rahman Jamal Sobh, 28, with live ammunition and shot one young man, a resistance fighter, in the head, causing critical wounds.

[Muhammad Ahmad Hassan Herzallah, 30 – WAFA]

The Ministry of Health announced the death of a former prisoner, identified as Muhammad Ahmad Hassan Herzallah, 30, after he had suffered from a serious gunshot wound to the head, and undergone intensive medical intervention, including a number of surgeries.

Herzallah was admitted into the Intensive Care Unit in Nablus, and transferred to the Beit Jala Hospital in the southern West Bank, and finally to the Istishari Hospital in the central West Bank city of Ramallah, where he succumbed to his injuries.

The number of Palestinians that have been killed by Israeli forces this year has risen to 202, including 150 from the occupied West Bank, and 52 from the besieged Gaza Strip.

The funeral procession for the young Abu Kishk began in front of Rafidia Hospital in Nablus, to the city center, known as Martyrs Square, where thousands performed the funeral prayers.

The body of the slain young man was then transferred to his family home in the Askar refugee camp, where his relatives said their last goodbyes, and mourners carried the body to the Musab bin Omair Mosque, and finally to the Martyrs’ Cemetery in the camp, where his body was laid to rest.

The body of Herzallah was carried from Rafidia Hospital to his family home in the Bab al-Saha area in Old City of Nablus, where his family payed their respects, and offered the funeral prayer.

Mourners carried the body of the slain young man to the Eastern Cemetery in the city, while chanting slogans denouncing the crimes of the occupation army.


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Photo: WAFA

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